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WE WON! :: 10News.com AList
2007 Winner of the Best "Tapas" restaurant on the local ABC affiliate. Thank you to everyone who voted for us! Read More

Best of 2003 Winner - Good Eatin - Voted Best Paella
"At Costa Brava, the seafood paella goes into the pan right after (not before) you order it, and it's served to you straight out of the paellera, a wok-like implement dedicated to this single dish." Read More

Happy hour of the week: Costa Brava
"Eight dollars for a pitcher of some of the best sangria in the county. That sangria, flavorful tapas and friendly service at Costa Brava add up to a great Happy Hour in Pacific Beach." Read More

Top 10 Restaurants: San Diego
"The aromas of authentic Spanish cooking will fire up your appetite on entering this restaurant." Read More

Editorial Review: Costa Brava
"Above all, Costa Brava values bringing together atmosphere, culture, family, and food." Read More

Costa Brava: Reviews
"Costa Brava is a little slice of Spain in San Diego but all guests, no matter where they’re from, will feel at home there." Read More

Epicurious Eating: Costa Brava
"It’s been a while since I walked out of a restaurant feeling as though I wanted to plant a fervent kiss on the food and staff." Read More

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